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8 Best Cheap Eats in Mykonos

Cheap Eats (header)The Greek island of Mykonos can be pretty expensive for food, but it doesn’t have to be! Our guide to 8 of the best cheap eats will help you get the most from your trip to this beautiful island, even if you are on a budget.

Mykonos really does have something for everyone.  Amazing beaches, picturesque coastal walks, traditional towns with twisting streets, historic sites and a world famous night-life that goes on until dawn.  People from all over flock to the island to experience everything this Mediterranean jewel has to offer.  Because it is such a big tourist destination, the prices in Mykonos, particularly for food, tend to be higher than some of the other Greek islands, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bargain to be found.

Here we have picked 8 of the best cheap eats on the island that be tried.  Whether you are travelling on a budget, or just want somewhere to pick up a cheap meal to have extra for those sunset cocktails later, this list should help you find what you’re after.

1. Attica Bakery

Attica Bakeries are a chain of bakeries across Greece, selling sandwiches, pastries, cakes, deserts and various drinks (including a huge range of coffee).  The one we went to is located on Polikandrioti and has a nice little outside seating area with a great view of the beach.  Recommended are the yoghurt and fruit pots, filled croissants and chocolate desserts.

Attika 1(Animatronic bakers outside Attica Bakery)

Attika 2(Greek yoghurt, granola and fruit pot)

Attika 4(Filled mini croissants – these are apple and Nutella)

Attica Chocolate dessert

(Chocolate and caramel dessert – amazing, but very sickly)

2. Saki’s Grill House

Located at Kalogera 7, in the heart of Mykonos Town, is the amazing Saki’s Grill House.  It is ideal for a quick lunch or snack, making Saki’s is the ultimate cheap eats place.  They have a fairly large menu of grilled meat and/or cheese dishes, but it is the Gyros that they are famous for, and what have people queuing out the door at peak times.  For a mere 3, you can get a pork or chicken pitta filled with meat, salad, fries and tzatziki.  The production line style service is great to watch and your food is ready within a minute.  The huge groups of people sat outside is testament to Saki’s reputation.

Saki's Pork and Chicken Gyros

Saki's 2(Saki’s famous pitta Gyros)

 3. Blue Myth

The Blue Myth restaurant at the Petinos Hotel in the southern resort of Platys Gialos offers a wonderful menu with some very fine dining.  This is not a cheap eat (although still good value for money)!  However, right next to the restaurant is a hole-in-the-wall pizzaria that serves amazing quality, but most importantly great value, pizza.  A huge slice is only 3.50 and it really hits the spot.  The best bit though?  It is less than a minute walk to the beach!

Blue Myth 1(Veggie pizza from the Blue Myth Pizzaria)

4. Ornos Bakery

In the south-western resort of Ornos, and just south of Korfos Beach is the Ornos Bakery.  Located on a busy intersection, opposite the Village Restaurant (ΧΩΡΙΑΤΙΚΟ), is another great cheap eat – the Ornos Bakery.  It looks like a convenience store, but actually sells amazing sandwiches and even better cakes.  For 10.20 we got two large sandwiches, two drinks and a huge piece of chocolate cake.

Ornos Bakery sandwich(Ham, cheese and salad sandwich)

Ornos 2(Maybe the best chocolate cake in Mykonos)

5. Pepper Souvlaki & More

Not the cheapest place on the cheap eats list, but certainly one that is great value for money.  Pepper, another restaurant tucked into the tiny, winding streets of Mykonos Town, has some really great quality food.  Located at Koyzh 18, near the Little Venice area of town, Pepper offers some great Souvlaki, burgers, pittas and much more.  We had pork souvlaki pittas and feta stuffed veal burgers, which at 30 (including two drinks), may not be considered a cheap eat (although for Mykonos it is fairly cheap), but when it comes to value for money, it certainly is.  The huge portions and amazing quality of food definitely made this meal worth every Euro.

Pepper veal burgers(Feta stuffed veal burgers with mustard sauce pipette)

Pepper 2(Pork souvlaki pittas)

6. Maria’s Traditional Restaurant

Tucked out of the way behind Hotel Leto, just off Polikandrioti (down the road from Attica), is the unassuming Maria’s Traditional Restaurant.  A mix of Greek and Italian food with some grilled dishes too, Maria’s is a fantastic cheap eat.  We had spaghetti carbonara (because it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, sometimes you just need pasta), moussaka (the best we’ve had in all of Greece), garlic bread, a Greek salad and two drinks and it came to only 26.

Maria's Mousakka

(Mousakka, Greek salad and garlic bread from Maria’s)

7. Gelarte Ice Creams

In the old port of Mykonos Town, next to the amazing Captain’s (definitely not a cheap eat!) is an ice cream parlour called Gelarte.  It is much more than just ice cream though as they also serve crepes and enormous waffles.  Maybe an indulgence, but the huge waffle we ate there was definitely value for money.  The waffle we had was topped with Nutella, chocolate sauce, bananas and whipped cream.  At easily 10 inches in diameter, one waffle was more than enough for two of us and cost only 7.50.

Gelarte waffle(Chocolate and banana waffle from Gelarte)

8. Bougazi Cafe

At the end of Serakonta, as you head into Mykonos Town, is a tiny creperie, called Bougazi.  Tucked into a little corner, it would be easy to miss, but it is definitely worth hunting out as they serve a massive selection of sweet and savoury crepes (as well as sandwiches, waffles and ice cream).  We went for a sweet crepe filled with Greek yoghurt, sour cherries and cinnamon.  This huge crepe was enough for the two of us and it only cost 4.50.

Bougazi crepe(Our crepe being made)

Bougazi filled crepe(The crepe’s filling is added)

Bougazi folded crepe(The finished crepe)

The island of Mykonos is full of amazing places to eat, ranging from high end fine dining to quick street food.  There really is something for everyone of all tastes and budgets.

Have you been to Mykonos and found a great place for cheap eats?  Let us know in the comments.

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